About Us

Fireworks is one art. One occasion of pleasure only in Diwali, marriage, Birthday, Sport event it is doing double Happiness.
This art our family is doing since more days than seventy years. It was started from more days then seventy years, It was started from time of Haji Sayed Usman Kazi (Freedom Fighter) who has taken part in Indian Independence War. He was given award by Independent Indian Government and Maharashtra Government. His ancestors were doing production of explosives of stone breaking.
In year 1932 Haji Sayed Usman Kazi has done beginning of Fireworks that today in market in sky flying colored multi colour shell making Naigrafall. In this work co-operation of his family was there. On today to expand this work his youngest son Zuber Sayed is doing work.
On today this Fire Works and Pyro Techinc, S.F.X. work is increased in Stage Show and Film Industry. He has done also production of Indoor Fireworks.
By which Fire Workds in operated by Remote Control. In this way in world of Fire Works. India Fireworks have made own name and own separate place of reputation. Which in on today in leadership of Zuber Sayed on very good progress and to him in this work support of Jamir Sayed is alos there? Since that more than seventy years this family is making own separate place of reputation and proceed further in development of Fireworks.