Arial Multicolored Shells

This is going in sky and explodes. Separate Colours throwing in sky. This is made in Separate size. After looking that special colours. We remember one such time which we can not remember.

Arial Designing Shells

This is going in sky and spreading and showing separate design. Like Ring Circle, Palm Tree, shutting Shell, Laser Shell, separate designs are made from that, On looking that you will be able to see glorious fireworks.

Mines Design

This mines will be seen as from land in fireworks fountains comes out. Height of this can be keep from 10 to 100 feet. This is making separate colours. It is helping in fireworks designing.

Name Board & Symbol

Own Company’s name, People can show this Fireworks. In marriage and in Birthday also use of this can be done. This is made in single and double lettering.

Niagra Waterfall

Niagra Water Fall which is like water fall looking fireworks surprising pattern is there. This is also made in Silver Golden Red Green Flag Design. After looking this very much happiness will be obtained.

Confetti Bursts

In Stage Show, in Films, in Marriage use of this is done. By this colored flowers are blowing.

Ground Set Pieces

Ground Set Picces made in separate name with separate design. Marigo Round, Snake Fight, Sunwheel, Umbrella Wheel, Fountain, Temple Design, in this way in multi colour and in electric fire this designs are made. This is fixed on twenty feet height rod.

Anar (Gribs)

This is one fireworks of land. Use of this is done in marriage procession, in stage show. This is made in silver, golden, multicolor.